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Almost 700 kilometers from Bangalore, Bidar lies at the farthest north-eastern corner of Karnataka. Bifurcated and truncated during the re-organisation of states in 1956, it is only a fraction of its vast expanse in the erstwhile state of Hyderabad.

Present day Bidar covering an expanse of 5448 square kilometers of land lies between 17 o 35 !! and 18o 25!! North latitudes and 760 42!! minutes and 770 39!! east longitudes, with the districts of Nizamabad and Medak in Andhra Pradesh on the East and the districts of Nanded and Osmanabad in Maharashtra on the west. On the south lies the district of Gulbarga of Karnataka. This central position in the Deccan had for long imparted to Bidar, the pre-eminent position in the history of the Deccan though to-day it presents a picture of centuries of neglect and ruin.

Bidar district, which occupies a central position in Deccan plateau, is mixed with several racial strains, ethinic groups and socio-cultural clusters. Long after the fusion of Dravidian and Aryan elements, there was, in the medivial times, a continuous influx of batches of various types like the Turks, Mughals, Iranians, Afghans and Arabs who were welcomed and encouraged to settle down in the area. As a result of these admixtures there has been a cultural mosaic.

The population of the district, according to 2011 census was 17,00,018 out of which 12,76,647 lived in the rural areas and 4,23,371 in the urban areas. Average population density is 312 per sq. km.

Bidar is predominantly an agricultural district and a major portion of the area is covered under agricultural practices. Mainly dry crops are grown, Jowar being the major constituent. greengram, Bengalgram, Blackgram, Paddy, Groundnut, Wheat, Redgram, Sugarcane and chillies are other agricultural crops. The average size of the land holdings in the district is 6.2 hectares as against the state average of 4.4 hectares.

**Some of the amazing places in Bidar which pulls the tourists from all round the world are........

Gurudwara *Guru Nanak Jhira, Gurudwara Bidar is one of Holiest Place for Sikhs. Every Year this place attracts lots of tourists from all parts of the country particularly during the months of November and March. Legend has it that Saint Guru Nanak visited the palce while the land was in the grip of a famine The Guru performed a miracle at the request of the locals and a spring of water from the laterite rock mountain burst out. Till this day crystal clear water flows from the laterite trap.The belief is that drinking of this water cures many ailments.

papnash *Papnash Shiva Temple, As per the local traditional saying, the Shiva Linga idol in this temple is one of those installed by Shri RAM during the time of his journey back from Lanka. The location of the temple in a valley is mesmerising to the eyes. Every year at the time of Shivrathri festival lot of tourists visit this place. A natural spring flows into a pond in front of the temple which is called 'Papnasha'

*St.Paul's Methodist Church, This is the biggest and the oldest church in Bidar, it is well known for its beauty. Every sunday, huge number of people all round the city assemble here for Worship. This place will be very colorful during CHRISTMAS. It is located at mangalpet, on the way to guest house, and when you reach guest house, don't forget to visit the beautiful CAVE which lies just beside the guest house, it is the most peaceful place in Bidar and will be loaded with people on EASTER.

Narasimha Jharna Temple *Narshimha Jhira Water Cave Temple, At this place the Powerful diety as per the belief here is situated in cave of nearly 300 meters. One has to wade through water upto chest height to have darshan of the diety. It will be thrilling experience with bats and owls sitting on the roof top of cave but they will not do any harm to the devotees. In the year 1999 with efforts of an young IAS Officer Mr. M Maheswar Rao who was working as Assistant Commissioner and was incharge of this temple comittee got the cave Air conditioned and Electrified.

Dev Dev Vana *Dev DeV Vana (Botanical Garden), An Eco Tourism center 6 KM away from Bidar town on Bidar - Hyderbad Highway. With more than 200 medicinal plants, this vana is believed to be something of a unconventional temple of plants.